Borgeau Left - WI5 / 185m


Borgeau Falls (Left Side) is one of the most easily recognizable, and beautiful Waterfall Ice Climbs in the Canadian Rockies, sitting directly opposite the valley from the Gondola at the Sunshine Village Ski Resort. Much of the route climbs at the more moderate grade of WI4, with the bulk of the interest coming near the top of the route. A south facing route, the ascent line sees the sun for much of the day, and is an excellent option for days when cold temperatures and climbing in the share would be just a bit too uncivilized. Before booking, please be aware the this route has significant overhead exposure to complex avalanche terrain. Parks Canada commonly controls these upper slopes throughout the winter, and our team will often only entertain ascents during periods of low or moderate hazard, limited snowpack complexity, or immediately after an explosive control run that releases critical amounts of avalanche prone snow from the slopes above.

An incredibly aesthetic ascent with a relatively short approach, and only a 20 minute drive from the Banff Townsite. 

 Please note that if booking this ice climbing ascent in advance, our Mountain Guides will reserve the right to shift your booking to an alternate objective on the day should we feel that avalanche hazard poses an unreasonable level of risk. For the best chances of success, get in touch with our program managers, express your interest in the route, and we'll stay in touch letting you know when conditions are suitable for an ascent.


 20 Minutes from the Banff Townsite






 Length & Technical difficulty


185 Meters - IV - WI5




Average Ascent times:


Avalanche Terrain Exposure Rating: 


ATES Rating:
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7 Days in advance of your ascent our Program Managers will touch base to provide you with an update on expected route conditions, avalanche hazard (if applicable), and expected weather for your ascent day. Your Guide(s) will be in touch 24-48hrs in advance of departure at a minimum, to further discuss final logistics and your expectations, for your day with us.

Your Ascent Day 

Our Program Managers and your Guide will discuss with you in advance an appropriate meeting point, relative to the location of your accommodation here in the Bow Valley, or considerate of your intended travel plans for arriving in Banff early on our ascent day. Typically we will aim to arrive at the Sunshine Village Parking lot no later than 7:00am.
Typically the approach will take approximately 1hr to reach the base of the ice, with average ascent and descent times usually requiring 5-7hrs. A 30-40min return from the base of the ice to the parking lot is considered average. 


Guide : Guest Ratios

Borgeau Left can be Guided easily with capable parties at a 1:2 Guide to Guest ratio. 

Travel to Canmore

Our suggestions for your most efficient way to access the program venue from a variety of locations and international ports of entry:

  • Calgary (YYC) to Canmore:
    • Those Guests traveling from, or arriving by air at Calgary International Airport: Your most efficient route to join us for the program start is by arrival in Banff. A rental car may be required, though public transfers or transportation options are also available to you.
      Find a travel plan here.

  • Edmonton (YEG) to Canmore: 
    • Those Guests travelling from, or arriving by air at Edmonton International Airport: Typically this will require travel via Rocky Mountain House then Saskatchewan River Crossing, turning south on HWY 93N toward Lake Louise. A rental car or personal transportation will be required.
      Find a travel plan here.

  • Travelling from British Columbia: 
    • For our Guests travelling and arriving from locations in British Columbia: Please use the following map link to aid in your planning directly at the Sunshine Village Meeting Point. 
      Our Meeting Point at Sunshine Village Resort.

Transfers from Calgary international Airport:

Transfers are available departing Calgary International, arriving in Canmore and Banff. We'd suggest The Banff Airporter for those requiring transfer services.



For those looking to arrive early ahead of your program, our base in Canmore, Alberta as well as the townsite of Banff, a further 20 minute drive inside the East Gates of Banff National Park, offer a variety or useful pre-trip amenities and comfortable accommodation options. Following are our suggestions for accommodation and gear and equipment retailers to help you prepare:


    For those looking to purchase gear and equipment prior to your course, we would suggest the following local Bow Valley retailers:

    • Vertical Addiction
      • Located in Canmore, Vertical Addiction offers a complete selection of technical climbing, mountaineering and ski equipment along with a broad selection of technical clothing. 
    • Monods Sports
      • Located in Banff, Monods is one of the longest operating outdoor equipment and clothing retailers in the Bow Valley. Monods have a large selection of technical clothing and equipment offerings.
    • Black Diamond Equipment
      • Our Affiliate Partners at Black Diamond Equipment are our first choice for technical clothing and equipment. Check out their broad range of technical clothing and equipment and purchase at either Monods or Vertical Addiction locally.



Required Equipment & Personal Items

  • Backpacks - Small Day Pack ~ 35L
  • Mountaineering Boots (not provided)
  • Ice Axes (can be provided upon request)
  • Crampons (can be provided upon request)
  • Harness (can be provided upon request)
  • Helmet (can be provided upon request)
  • ATC Style Belay Device (can be provided upon request)
  • 2 Locking Carabiners (can be provided upon request)
  • 120cm Sewn Sling (can be provided upon request)
  • Leash or Personal Anchor System (can be provided upon request)
  • Sunglasses (We suggest Julbo Sun Glasses)
  • 50+ SPF Sunscreen
  • Lib Balm with SPF
  • Headlamp with Fresh Batteries
  • Water Bottle - min. 1L 
  • Blister Kit
  • Camera
  • Trekking Pole

essential clothing

  • Base Layers - Tops and Bottoms (Wool or Synthetic Only)
  • Mid Layers - Tops and Bottoms (200 Weight Wool or Synthetic is Ideal)
  • Socks - Wool Blend is best, no cotton
  • Light Collared Synthetic Shirt (optional, nice for the really hot sunny days)
  • Softshell Jacket and Pants
  • Gore Tex Jacket and Pants
  • Buff Style Neck Tube or Similar
  • Insulated Hat
  • Gloves - Heavyweight and Lightweight Options
  • Down or Synthetic Insulated Jacket


Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

The best method to protect your investment with us should unforeseen is to purchase a Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance Policy. We strongly recommend purchasing coverage.

Lifestyle Insurance has covered many of Cloud Nine Guests on trips all over the world, and we have first hand experience seeing these policies activated by our Guests. 

Safeguard your trip costs and investment with us. Request a Quote from Lifestyle Financial.

Is this coverage required?

  • For Canadian Residents, coverage is suggested by not required to register.
  • For Non-Canadian Citizens, coverage is suggested but not required. It is strongly suggested that your policy includes Emergency Medical Coverage, unless you carry alternative policy which will respond in the event of medical emergency.


WAIVER - Release of Liability & Indemnity Agreement

Prior to booking you will be required to acknowledge that you have been provided a copy of our Waiver of Liability Agreement for your review. All participants, or their legal guardians wishing to participate on any Cloud Nine Programs, must acknowledge that they have been presented this document in advance of booking, have read it in its entirety, and understand the agreement being entered into by signing. While there is no obligation to enter into this agreement with us, it is a condition of our service provision. 



Booking TErms & Conditions

Before you book your course, please review our Booking Terms & Conditions. We do not accept bookings without your voluntary acceptance of these terms. Please read carefully as these terms outline specific policies and guidance for both our staff and clients with respect to refunds, cancellations, rescheduling etc.




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