While a significant number of the images displayed have been shot by Cloud Nine's Guiding Team and are owned by Cloud Nine Guides, many of the images you will find on this website have been graciously provided by a few additional artists, storytellers, creators, and photographers who they themselves are among threads in the fabric of our mountain community.

Below, you can learn a little more about the artists behind a select group of images on our site. Connect with the artists directly, read their stories, view their works, meander through social media feeds, or inquire with respect to booking or assignment work.

For the days we can't be in the mountains... their images help keep the fires of motivation burning.



Silckerodt Photography


Based in Canmore, Alberta, Georgi (Silckerodt) has been shooting professionally for 10 years, and creates unique portraits and content for an array of clients from many different walks of life. She considers herself to be a lifestyle and editorial photographer, preserving and celebrating our moments of personal reflection and professional endeavour. 

Looking to create contrast in our Guides' portraits, our goal in working with Georgi was to create images, which show depth to our team as individuals beyond the typical stereotypical images of Guides applying their craft.

For many of our crew, thinking of sitting down for a shoot like this is about as nerve wracking as skiing a 60˚ couloir... until you meet Georgi. A true professional in her craft, we could not offer a stronger endorsement for her work. Our entire team can only offer an exceptional endorsement for her work - the perfect balance of refined creativity, professionalism, and one incredible personality. 

Find her work and portfolio at:

Mattias Fredriksson

Mattias is one of the most prolific adventure photographers of our time. For the past quarter-century, he has travelled the globe with some of the world's best skiers, mountain bikers, and outdoor athletes on assignments for a vast array of editorial and commercial clients. With a strong dedication to document real stories, Fredriksson combines his skills as a photographer and journalist like few others. Add in a farmer’s work ethic and passionate personality, and the result is an impressive body of work combining the subtleties of natural light and motion in a potent mix of quiet alpine moments, intense action, and creative portraiture.

- Leslie Anthony

Internationally recognized for his work, he has had 450 cover shots published worldwide.

We're proud to display a selection of Mattias' images throughout this site. Check out his work & stories at home on his website or follow him on his socials here:
Ryan Creary

Ryan Creary

Ryan is an artist, photographer, content creator, and storyteller, specializing in outdoor adventure and mountain sports. Currently based in Revelstoke BC, we met Ryan nearly 20 years ago arriving in Canmore, ready to dive head first into the climbing and ski worlds. Since those early days Ryan has amassed the most impressive client list and portfolio, from assignments for National Geographic Adventure to Newsweek. 

We're proud to be able to display a selection of Ryan's preferred images throughout our site. Check out his work & follow him on his socials here: