The C9G PitKit

High Quality Select Snow Study Tools. A Kit Designed by our Mountain Guides.
The C9G PitKit

$199.95 CDN

plus shipping

The CloudNine PitKit. Handpicked Snow Profile tools from our Mountain Guides. Realized after many, many days watching students and Guides breaking, poorly built and low quality tools, non-essential tools in our snow profiles, we wanted a solution. Each item in your new kit has been chosen for quality and durability primarily. Each item vigorously field tested by our Mountain Guides over many years in avalanche forecasting work. Expect your new kit to last for years to come. 

- 2L Fjall Raven Gear Bag 
- 2 x BIOS Waterproof Snow Study Thermometers 
- SEAR Crystal Screen. Aluminum, laser etched.
- C9G Swiss Long Life 1m Folding Ruler 
- G3 Rutschblock Cord
- Carson 10x Loupe