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ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide



Robbie Chmelyk - Cloud Nine Guides
Robbie Chmelyk - Cloud Nine Guides
Robbie Chmelyk - Cloud Nine Guides

An ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide, Top Rope Climbing Instructor, Via Ferrara Guide, CAA level 2 professional Member,
80hrs Wilderness first aid and OFA 3 first aid. 

Robbie is one of the few split board guides in the Bow Valley. He has been riding for 15+ years, in the local area, and knows a thing or two to find the best snow in the area. Robbie grew up in the backcountry of the frigid Northern Rockies and has been Shredding pow around the globe for the last 15 years.

When Robbie started boarding, split boarding wasn't really a thing by any stretch of the imagination, but Robbie thought to build his own split board, cutting a normal board in half and wiring the board together for the downhill parts of his journey. He has been there from the beginning, that is for sure. 

In his 15 years of shredding, he found himself in Japan, where he boarded and guided for 7 years, surfing the Japow! Robbie has been Guiding 9 years and has an enormous breadth of knowledge and insight into the mountains. 

In the off-season, you will find Robbie Surfing remote beaches, from Canada to Australia. Along with his guiding qualifications, he has his Internation Rope Technician Licence, which means he is often off the grid, building things in technical Mountain terrain.

What Robbie loves to do the most is shred and enjoys sharing the love with new people. 

On a day with Robbie, you will find a humble, positive person. He's always open to conversations and good vibes. Robbie goes by the phrase "Do it because you love it and good things will come to you. Ride hard, die old!"

You can find Robbie on the Avalanche Safety Training 1 & the Avalanche Safety Training 2 course. You can also book Robbie in for a Private day of Ski touring throughout the winter. 



Meet Robbie on the following Cloud Nine Programs:

Partner Programs:

  • Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy, Certificate & Diploma Programs

Cloud Nine Trips, Programs, Courses:

  • Private Ski Touring & Ski Mountaineering Programs
  • AST 1 
  • AST 2 


Day Rates for Private Guiding Services are based on the Guides Certification Level, Experience & Demand for services.


Robbie's Day Rate:

  • $625 CDN / Day + $75 for each additional Guest after the first, up to maximum Guide : Guest Ratios fitting your objective.
  • $700 - $900 CDN / Day + $75 for each additional Guest after the first  - International Programs


  • ACMG Apprentice Splitboard (Ski) Guide
  • ACMG Member in Good Standing
  • CAA Professional Member in Good Standing
  • Interpretive Guides Association Basic Certification
  • 80hr Wilderness First Aid Course