Phil Widmer

ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide & Apprentice Alpine Guide - C9G Core Guide



Phil Widmer - ACMG Guide - Core Guide - Cloud Nine Guides
Phil Widmer - ACMG Guide - Core Guide - Cloud Nine Guides

Phil is an ACMG Ski Guide & Apprentice Alpine Guide.


Meet Phil on the following Cloud Nine Programs:

Partner Programs:

  • Calgary Climbing Center Outdoors Series Programs
  • Timberline Canadian Alpine Academy, Certificate & Diploma Programs
  • College of the Rockies MAST Certificate Program

Cloud Nine Trips, Programs, Courses:

  • Cloud Nine Public Instructional Courses
  • Remote Ski Lodge Weeks
  • Private Ski Touring & Ski Mountaineering Programs
  • Private Alpinism & Mountaineering Ascent Programs
  • Private Rock Climbing Guiding & Instruction
  • Private Waterfall Ice Guiding & Instruction
  • AST 1 
  • AST 2 


Day Rates for Private Guiding Services are based on the Guides Certification Level & Experience.


Phil's Day Rate:

  • $575.00 CDN / Day + $75 for each additional Guest after the first, up to maximum Guide : Guest Ratios fitting your objective.


  • ACMG Apprentice Ski Guide / ACMG Apprentice Alpine Guide
  • CAA Operations Level 2 (Avalanche Forecaster)
  • ACMG Member in Good Standing
  • CAA Professional Member in Good Standing
  • Interpretive Guides Association Basic Certification
  • 80hr Wilderness First Aid Course