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Dustin Klatt - Cloud Nine Guides
Dustin Klatt - Cloud Nine Guides
Dustin Klatt - Cloud Nine Guides

Dustin is an Apprentice Rock Guide as well as an Apprentice Interpretive Guide. In addition, he is certified for Wilderness First Aid, with an 80-Hour Wilderness First Aid Course, and has a BSC in Astrophysics.

For the past 10 years, Dustin has been exploring the mountains in the Bow Valley and recently moved to Banff in an effort to be closer to the mountains and what he loves the most: climbing. After instructing at the Calgary Climbing Club, he looked further to joining the ACMG, where he has now been an Apprentice Rock Guide for 3 years.

Before guiding, Dustin would spend his free time hiking, scrambling up and down every mountain he could find. Once he made it to the summit of his first mountain, he was hooked. The feeling of accomplishment that conquering your doubts brings, drove him to do more. Once Dustin made connections through his climbing gym sessions, he transitioned to outdoor climbing, multi-pitch climbing, trad climbing, and alpine climbing. Dustin is currently attempting to teach himself how to ski, with which he looks to continue to summit peaks in winter, as well as enjoying the suffering the cold has to offer as he branches out to Ice Climbing. Another large aspect of why he wanted to become a guide was the enjoyment he found in teaching his partner, mainly how to keep up with him. This led Dustin to start on his guiding journey, sharing his passion for teaching others. 

During Dustin's spare time you will find him in the mountains: hiking, climbing, scrambling ridges, and recently having discovered sunbathing on the sides of alpine lakes. In the winter, Dustin privately tutors math and physics, and spends his time solving problems, organizing his house, or helping with his family's business.

Dustin is quite analytical, quick to point out mistakes, and loves to answer questions related to technical details. Dustin is a "hands-on" teacher at first, but once trust is gained and competence is shown, Dustin loves to let the guests take the reins and practice new skills, with help close by, seeing the joy of accomplishments on the faces of others as they overcome self-doubts and their personal challenges through the day. 

You will find Dustin on all of our Rock Programs, the Outdoor Lead Lessons in partnership with the CCC, as well as other private rock-guided days.



Meet Dustin on the following Cloud Nine Programs:

  • Rock Climbing Experience 
    • Full Day 
    • Half Day
  • Private Rock Climbing Guiding & Instruction

Partner Programs:

  • The Calgary Climbing Centre - 'Learn to Rock Climb Series'
    • Outdoor Lead Lesson
    • Multi-Pitch Lesson


Day Rates for Private Guiding Services are based on the Guide's Certification Level & Experience.


Dustin's Day Rate:

  • $875 / Day + $85 for each additional Guest after the first, up to maximum Guide : Guest Ratios fitting your objective


  • ACMG Apprentice Rock Guide
  • 80hr Wilderness First Aid 
  • BSc Astrophysics

Our group had Dustin instructing an outdoor lead climbing course and I would recommend him to anyone regardless of experience level. I felt engaged and safe for the entire day and learned everything that I wanted to learn from the course.

Dustin managed the group well and had a relaxed and professional approach that instilled confidence. He was able to identify areas where individuals needed more one-on-one support while attending to the group as a whole.

Overall wonderful experience!

- Cristina S.