Darren Vonk

ACMG Alpine Guide & Apprentice Ski Guide



Darren Vonk - ACMG Alpine Guide & Apprentice Ski Guide
Darren Vonk - ACMG Alpine Guide & Apprentice Ski Guide
Darren Vonk's dog Leni

Originally from Edmonton, AB, Darren moved to Canmore in 2007 to climb full time. At the time he was a journeyman; a welder working in the oilfield. The draw was too strong and he quit welding completely to focus on a life in the mountains. As an ACMG Alpine Guide and an Apprentice Ski Guide, he started working for the National Parks as a Mountain Rescue Specialist in Jasper, AB. An opportunity opened up in Canmore with Alberta Parks, and so he moved back to Canmore in 2021, where he currently works full time with Kananaskis Mountain Rescue. 

During wintertime, Darren enjoys getting away from his day job to Heli Ski and Ski Tour in the Selkirk / Rocky Mountains. Darren has had the opportunity to travel around the world, establishing new routes in Alaska and climbing on various continents. Recently, Darren married his best friend and they have their dog, Leni, who enjoys joining them while climbing, fishing, or paragliding.



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Darren's Day Rate:

  • $980 / Day + $85 for each additional Guest after the first, up to maximum Guide : Guest Ratios fitting your objective


  • ACMG Alpine Guide & Apprentice Ski Guide
  • CAA Operations Level 2 (Avalanche Forecaster)
  • ACMG Member in Good Standing
  • Interpretive Guides Association Basic Certification
  • 80hr Wilderness First Aid Course