Mount Sir Donald NW Ridge - 2 Days


Spend 2 Days with us in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains climbing another of the famed 50 Classic Climbs in North America. 

The North West Ridge of Mount Sir Donald is possibly one of the best, pure alpine rock objectives in Western Canada. The position on the ridge is consistently exposed and you will feel as though you're truly out there right from the start. The rock quality on route is outstanding, compact quartzite from bottom to top.


Although difficulties to D- / 5.4 can be found on the ridge, occasionally adverse weather or conditions in addition to the big exposure can make the peak feel harder than it's grade. The overall length of the route can often be underestimated and climbers interested in joining us for an ascent of Mount Sir Donald should expect the possibility of adverse weather and conditions, as well as a big day in the mountains.


Late July through mid-September is the best time of year to book your ascent, as weather and conditions tend to be the most comfortable and stable.






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Is This Trip For You?


An Ascent of Mount Sir Donald is not to be taken lightly. We rate it intermediate from the perspective of the technical challenges you will see, however it could be rated advanced simply based on the magnitude of the day overall. The mental energy expended by most people simply dealing with the exposure on the ridge can in itself be very tiring. Those with scrambling experience, combined with basic experience rock climbing should have the requisite technical skills to complete this climb - a very solid base of endurance and cardiovascular fitness will allow you to continue moving throughout later hours of the day comfortably. 


What's Included


Guiding Services, Technical Equipment (excluding mountaineering boots / approach shoes), Food from Dinner on Day 1 to Lunch on Day 2, and Accomodation in Golden on the the night of Day 2 are all included in the cost of this program.


Park Passes valid for entry to the National Parks, as well as any food or accomodation other than what is specifically listed above are not included. Transportation is not included in the cost and you will be responsible for providing transportation for you and your Guide during the program. If you are not able to provide your Guide with Transportation, we will happily provide it for them at an additional charge of $0.50/km. The charges may vary depending on where your Guide will be required to travel from.


Guide to Guest Ratios:

1:2 - 1 Guide per 2 Guests is reasonable on this ascent, however, is something we suggest for only experienced guests with high levels of fitness and shortroping experience. Hiring a guide on a 1 to 1 basis will yeild better chances of sucess if you haven't climbed with us prior.


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